STARTER Kit – rudder

This kit is suitable for builder without any previous wood-foam construction experience. The builder can check his/her skills.

The kit contains all construction material including hardware, pre-cut ribs and webs, CNC milled metal hinges, epoxy, varnish, full scale drawings and detailed construction manual.
Finished rudder can be used in the both full airframe kits and its price will be deducted.
Construction time: 15-30 hours


SD-2 Rudder kit


The kit is suitable for builders who are willing to invest more time into the project and are able to build basic structures.

The wings are finished with the upper skin attached so that inside of wing could be checked by authorities before closing. The fuselage truss structure is covered with plywood skin and ready for gluing of front and aft composite “turtle decks”. The construction of the tail and ailerons from the CNC cut parts is left for builder. The undercarriage, controls, hardware and all composite pre-molded parts are included. Options like rescue system preparation are available. Call for the order form / configuration spreadsheet. The kit could be delivered in groups without increased price.
The kit does not include: FWF kit+ engine, upholstery, instruments, paint
Construction time: 600-900 hours



The Kit contains all airframe structure components finished.

All wood parts are varnished. The Kit contains also parts of complete undercarriage, controls, hardware, seat belts, upholstery, plans and construction manual. Installation of controls in fuselage, undercarriage and the rest of systems, paint and engine installation is left on builder. Options from the parachute rescue system preparation up to the final paint are available. Call for the order form / configuration spreadsheet.
The kit does not include: FWF kit+ engine, instruments, paint
Construction time: 300-600 hours



The Kit contains all parts necessary for an engine installation. 

Engine frame and the rubbers, cowling, spinner, exhaust pipes and muffler, water cooler, composite airbox+filter, throttle and choke quadrant, cabin heating assembly, fuel line including selector and gascolator, hoses, clamps and HW. It is possible to deliver engine and propeller also.