We are a growing company founded by Igor Spacek in 2007.  He originally worked as a freelance engineer for other aircraft producers. The first product – the SD-1 – was built as an amateur project for private use only. Since the airplane caught attention immediately, production of kits was established. Later on, it was decided to certify the SD-1 under the german LTF-UL regulation so that RTF planes could be produced as well. The first offered SD-1 had the taildragger undercarriage. Tri gear undercarriage versions followed. The lack of reliable and affordable small four stroke engines on the market forced us to develop our own one based on proven industrial engines.

The mixed wood/composites construction allowed low empty weight of the airframe so in 2011, design works on the SD-2 two seater started. The airplane is currently certified for MTOM=600 kg under UL-2/LTF-UL 2019 regulations.