Hirth F23 – 50hp

Simple and modern 2 stroke engine from proven manufacturer. The most powerful engine installed. Suitable for heavy pilots and operation from short or high altitude airfields

Cooling: air
Ignition : CDI
Carburated or EFI
Propeller: Sandera 1400 3B, dia 1,4 m, three blade, carbon composite, ground adjustable
Fuel: MOGAS min.95 RON+2 STROKE OIL mixing ratio 50:1
TBO: 1000 h
Overhaul price 1400,- Eur

PerformanceSI UnitsImperial Units
Cruise speed @60%170 km/h106 mph
Fuel consumption @60%8 l/h1,76 gal/h
Level top speed at S.L.200 km/h125 mph
Climb speed at S.L. and MTOM6 m/s1188 fpm
TO distance over 15 m/50ft obstacle150 m495 ft
Landing distance over 15 m/50 ft obstacle240 m792 ft

The values of speeds are about 3% lower for TG and TGC version and 2 % lower for full XL cabin hood.

(+)Hirth F-23 50HP - 2strokeHirth F-23 50HP - 2stroke

Installation simplicityPropulsion efficiency

Higher consumption