The simpler and lighter of offered tri gear undercarriage versions has free castering nose wheel. Directional control is performed via heel brakes and rudder. Fixed or adjustable pedals can be installed. The drawback is higher airplane empty weight and drag.

The single piece leg of main gear is made of glass roving/epoxy composite. It is fixed on the bottom of fuselage using 4 bolts to reinforced structure. The wheels of 12×4 (300×100 mm) size are braked using mechanical drum brakes.

The nose gear consists of cantilever leg made of CrMo steel tube with free castering carbon composite fork. The nose wheel size is 3.00-4 (260×80 mm).

All wheels and legs could be faired using pants for lowering drag.

EngineSE-24Hirth F33SE-31SE-33Hirth F23
Empty weight124 kg/ 276 lbs119 kg/ 264 lbs132 kg/ 298 lbs124 kg/ 278 lbs130 kg/ 289 lbs

The empty weight value is valid for factory built airplane delivered with fixed pedals, basic instruments, COM Dittel KRT-2, rescue system GRS 4/240 and wheel pants.


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