An another nice painted SD-1 was finished by Mr. Stephan Fahrenkamp from Germany. He built it from the QB and Kohler engine kits in eight months.



Our australian dealer Mr. Thomas Pluess started new english forum which should be more resistant to spammers attacks.

Everyone interested in the SD planes is welcomed.


Mr. Emile Delfel from France built his SD-1 from the 51% and Verner JCV-360 EFI engine kits in ten months. He rebuilt the standard canopy to bubble version later.



Mr. Marcel Knauf from Germany painted his SD-1 in the interesting way. He built the plane from the Basic and Verner JCV-360 engine kits.

Knauf web


The first italian SD-1 was finished by Mr. Leopoldo Scarpat. He built it from the Material and Hirth F-23 engine kits in 16 months.



One of the first this year completions is a plane of Michel Moutauld from France. He built it from the QB and Kohler engine kits in four months.

SD-1 Moutault


We delivered the first RTF SD-1 to the United Kingdom. It will be operated according to the new version of the SSDR rules (more info: Rick Goddin´s Flying Blog)



As mentioned in the previous message we  have prepared a facelift for the SD-1.  The bubble canopy is offered as an option for the RTF planes and a whole range of kits.

bubble canopy


We invite you to the biggest european GA trade fair AERO 2014 . We will exhibit the facelifted SD-1 on the stand of our german dealer UL-GmbH in the hall B1.


The SD-1 was the third most registered UL plane in Germany in the last year. We consider it a nice result for a single seater and thank to all customers who have helped to achieve it.


Our test pilot Tim-Peter Voss achieved significant succes in GREEN SPEED CUP 2013 when finished on 2nd place as a 1st airplane using internal combustion engine. He flew SD-1 TD powered by Verner JCV-360 engine.

We invite you to the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2013 where our US dealer will exhibit finished SD-1 of both TD and TGC version


16.4.2013 The type certificate in accordance to german LTF-UL regulation was issued.
21.2.2013 Video of new version – SD-1 TGC powered by Hirth F-23 engine was published