We wish you Merry Christmas and a happy new year!


We congratulate to Jiri Krajca – the golden European Microlight Champion in class AL1. He flew the SD-1 TG SE33.


We thank visitors of the AERO 2017 fair  who attended our stand for their interest.


We wish you Merry Christmas and a happy new year!


We introduce a new firewall forward kit of the SE33 engine. With the weight of 32 kgs and 33 HP power it is the most suitable 4 stroke engine for the SD-1 on the market.


Mr. Andre Vogt from Germany finished his SD-1 from the QB kit SN117 and SE 31 engine kit. The paint design is very atractive.


Mr. Michael Schramke from Germany has made very nice video from the flying of his SD-1 XL in the Alps.


We proudly announce that Jiri (George) Krajca of  JK Aviation has become our new dealer for the United Kingdom. For more info see website


The another nice painted SD-1 was finished by Mr. Hervé Pétillon from France. He has finished the plane from the Material and SE 31 engine kits in app. 800 hours. 


We proudly announce that sdplanesUSA, LLC has become our new dealer for the USA and Canada. For more info see website


We proudly announce that Mr. Burkhard Rüping has become our dealer for Sweden and Norway. For more info see  his website



Mr. Radek Velesik from the Czech Republic finished another SD-1 in these days. He had built it from the Material and SE 31 Engine Kit in 750 hours during a 6 months period. He had developed cockpit heating which will soon be adopted for serial use. 


We prepared new kit suitable especially for the oversea customers. It is called Material kit reduced and contains all airframe parts except of wood, plywood, ribs and liquids. This should reduce shipment cost and simplify custom procedures. The kit will be available for all versions.


Mr. J.C. Besse from France has built his very nice SD-1 TG from the 51% and SE 31 engine kits. He finished it during 14 months period. Here is a video from one of his flights.